Rob Barry – Founder
Rob is an entrepreneur, New England native and lover of nature. The son of a naturopath, Rob was taught at an early age that even as modern medicine develops, nature has provided most of the answers all along. When he is not experimenting with new natural remedy formulas, he can often be found cruising country roads on his motorcycle, hiking, or at the beach.

Kamryn Walden – Operations Manager
Kamryn is a mother of a soon to be 3 year old and healthy living is her passion. She is always looking to be creative with helping the team develop new and innovative products that help our customers better their lives. She is a lover of all foods and her favorite hobby is finding the new eatery spots around town. Country dancing is her favorite and goes any chance she can! So if you are also in need of some dancing lessons she’s the one to contact!

Dr. Vijayanand Pujari – Researcher and Pharmacist
Dr. Vijayanand Pujari holds a Ph.D in pharmaceutical formulations and an M. Pharm in Industrial Pharmacy/Pharmaceuticals. A Registered pharmacist and skilled researcher, Dr. Pujari assists Tranquility Labs in formulating products according to the latest research. His unique background lends itself to exploring the road where modern research has been found to support traditional Eastern medicines.

Sophia Pardini – Customer Service
Sophia is a California native and has a true love for holistic health. From a young age, she grew up working in her family’s farmers market association, where she discovered an appreciation for community, seasonal food and sustainable agriculture. After experiencing her own health imbalances as a young adult, she became very passionate about natural ways of healing through diet, herbs and supplements. A true empath at heart, Sophia loves to help people find solutions to discover their own vitality.

Gabriel Gomez – Customer Service
Gabriel is a world traveler with a burning passion to help whoever he can. Born and raised in Caracas, Venezuela with two degrees in journalism and hotel management, Gabriel is ready to face any challenges that come his way! He recently moved to Spain to broaden his horizons and a better life! So, when he’s not helping customers at Tranquility Labs you can find him at a coffee shop, drinking his favorite mocha and doing translations with a big smile on his face.